High standards
in materials and precision

Kyburz Sapphire works for international clients from all kinds of application What they all have in common are high standards for materials and processing precision. Thanks to our many years of experience we are in a position to deal with clients’ individual needs. This means that we can develop new, effective solutions for you, even in areas where we have not yet been active.

Analytical technology

Increasing demands in the analysis of processes and products require well-founded expertise in sapphire material, also with regard to its purity and crystal orientation. This is why our clients can completely rely on our sapphire optics for measuring systems such as refractometers, spectrometers, photometers and pyrometers.


Aerospace technology

Of this we are especially proud: we have succeeded in developing a procedure that enables the production of sapphire windows of considerable size. Flat and spherical sapphire windows serve to protect optical sensors, camera systems and infrared measuring devices. Our components have to meet the highest standards regarding form and durability in the face of environmental influences.

Uns ist es gelungen, ein Verfahren zu entwickeln, das die Herstellung von Saphirfenstern beachtlicher Grösse ermöglicht.

High-performance optics

We produce components from ultra-hard materials for high-performance optical uses such as plano optics, mirrors, wedge windows, fibre optics and spherical lenses. Standards are continually becoming more demanding, which means sophisticated production engineering is needed to ensure flatness the surface finish and the purity of the materials, especially when making optics suitable for laser applications.

Kundenwunsch steht im Vordergrund Kyburz Sapphire

Medical technology

Biocompatible, impervious in contact with tissue and fluids, and easy to sterilise: sapphire is the ideal material for applications in human and veterinary medicine, such as cover glasses for endoscopy and camera systems, or light conductors for technological dental instruments used in diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to our prototyping, we can guarantee the swift production of test series.

Biokompatibel, unempfindlich im Kontakt mit Gewebe und Flüssigkeiten, einfach sterilisierbar: Saphir ist das ideale Material für Anwendungen in der Human- und Veterinärmedizin,

Mechanical engineering

We produce wear-resistant components from sintered ceramics or carbide metals for industrial use such as bearing rings, ultrasound welding moulds, isolators for high-voltage engineering and guiding elements. In all these fields, precision and durability are our prime quality criteria.