Let us offer you
expert advice

Our team provides comprehensive support and advice right from the start of your project. This includes selecting the right materials, defining the working techniques, prototype development and serial production. We ensure the prototype’s suitability for series production, we document all the steps necessary for it, and we define and implement suitable monitoring procedures.

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Workflow Production


From prototyping
to serial production

First we cut the crystals into blanks. For this, we use various slicing machines which cut the parts dependent of size, number of pieces and crystal adjustment.

We know almost no limits when it comes to geometrical shapes. Using efficient CNC-processing technologies and modern 5-axis grinding centres, we can even turn complex work pieces into the desired form. We possess a comprehensive spectrum of tools to fulfil express orders. Our many years of experience in tool design using CAD/CAM applications mean we can develop client-specific tools swiftly.

Our multitude of different polishing processes means we can produce level, spherical, tapered or cylindrical surfaces that can afterwards be certified according to ISO 10110 optical standards.

Saphir Prototyping mit Lasertechnologie bei Kyburz Sapphire in Safnern


finishing and assembly

For years now, we have built up reliable partnerships for optical coatings. Besides anti-reflex coatings for optimum transmission in the visible range we have also taken on special requirements. Autoclavable, broadband anti-reflex coatings and robust, hard anti-reflex coatings are just as realisable as electrically conductive ITO coatings and mirror coatings. Other finishing processes include different metal layers for soft and hard solderings. An attention to detail is also decisive for precise gluing between the sapphire and its mounting. Regardless of your requirements, you can ask us for solutions.

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Quality Management

Quality control according
to international standards

Our core focus is on the quality of the materials and technological precision. From choosing the raw materials through production to assembly, each step of our work is subject to the highest requirements and is documented and traceable according to international standards.